Whozat is a people search engine which beat Google 3:1 in relevance of search results as assayed by a blind comparison by a third party.


15-30% of web searches are people-related: >2 billion searches a month. Yet mainstream search engines are quite bad at finding ordinary people.


Whozat boasts a proprietary semantic ranking for query relevance rather than page importance, a real-time interactive feedback system that refines search results, an automated summarization engine, document (resume)-based search, a social watchlist, machine vision and more.


Whozat is available for licensing and has an API available.


Whozat is protected by US patents pending and trade secrets.


For licensing information, please write to whozat@abinventio.com or call Alex at +1-626-405-2305.



Blind comparison of people search results relevance:


q 3rd-party compiled list

q  Non-famous people

q  Searched in each search engine

q  1st 10 results extracted from each

q  Results shuffled

q  Searcher ranked each result from 0-4 by relevance to the query

q  Blind comparison: The ranker did not see where each result was coming from

q  Yielded quality score per query per search engine